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primaires in Brabant Wallon


After having successfully changed our daughter to a good school that is maternelle only (thank you for tips on here), we're trying to look ahead and make sure she will have a place at a good primaire.  By good we mean somewhere that is nurturing, does not allow bullying, will keep her physically safe, and provide positive stimulation with a good academic level and preferably lots of active learning and time outside.  Bonus if the meals are organic.  Another bonus if they learn Dutch.  We actually gave up Dutch immersion at her previous school in order to move her somewhere she wasn't getting hurt on a regular basis, but we're still keen for her to be fluent.

With that in mind, does anyone out there have experience/opinions with the following schools:

1) Profondsart in Limal

2) Les Colibris in La Hulpe

3) St Augustin in Genval

4) Schola Nova in Jodoigne

We currently rent but will buy by then, so can move close to school for the right one.




Hello, I don't have any experience with the 4 schools you mention but I have had good feedback for "Berlaymont" in Waterloo. Very nice and green setting, good level, and after her primary school, she might even go on, on the same campus, with the secondary school which has a special advanced Dutch program. You can get more info at

Oct 7, 2011 13:03