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(previous)landlord is asking me to sign a paper for 2 months of unpaid rent


Hello everyone,

I used to have rental contract with my previous landlord which expired on August 2020. Because of covid situation I wasn't able to pay the rent for 2 months (but I paid the rest even though I didn't live there since January). At the moment I am not registered in that adress and living in other place since. I know that I need to pay that unpaid amount of 2 months rent eventually, but I don't have enough at the moment. As a result I asked my previous landlord to give me some time to pay it, but she asked me to meet her and sign a document to show that I will pay that amount. Do you guys suggest me to sign it?
I also asked her for some deduction on the amount since I didn't live there long time and only missing 2 months rent (also considering that I literally dont have money on my account because of the pandemic I lost my part time job) but she didn't give me any discount. Is there any laws in Belgium for people in my situation?
Also, my previous landlord already rented out that room to another person but she still has my stuff and refusing to give me back my things unless I pay her the remaining amount or sign the document. is it legal what she is doing? And can she go to court since I didn't pay 2 months rent yet?

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated


You owe her the rent. You signed a contract.
Yes, she can take you to court, you will lose and the penalty and costs will be high. The law favours landlords.
Pay your debts. Maybe if you sign the paper, you can agree that you pay a fixed amount each month. Take care what any paper says.

Oct 18, 2020 23:58

As WEZEMBEEKWANDERER notes, you don't realy have much choice here. You should have paid your rent. Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the same situation as you right now, so at least you aren't alone.

If you are in financial difficulties, you probably want to approach the CPAS at your local commune who may be able to poiont you in the direction of services that could assist you / help you to mediate with your landlord for a payment plan, and to retrieve your belongings.

Oct 20, 2020 12:30