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Prenatal Massage- Tervuren, Wezembeek, Woulwe area


I am looking for a spa that offers prenatal massages and/or other treatments like pedicures. I am willing to go into Brussels if need be.

Also, do you have to stay for 5 days in the hospital? In my home country you only stay for 2 days which I loved with my first born. I like my own space and things around me.

Thanks In Advance


Wellness in Tervuren. The owner has children, I'm sure she can accommodated pregnant ladies too.

Aug 22, 2013 13:59
beauty at brussels

Hello everyone !

You all ask for a good place for doing either manicure either pedicure either shellac either wax either facial treatmant either massages...

So I wanted to let you know the ggod place that I visited and it's Brussels Beauty Bar.

So they do really good manicure either with nailpolish either with shellac ; they also do gel extension for nails.
And their pedicures are amazing, they have the chairs like in USA with the little bath for the feet.
They also do wax, they are amazing for that ! They can go really fast and try to not hurt (well, as much as they can ... You probably know what I mean ).
For the facial treatment, they work with the brand dermalogica wellknown by most of you I supposed ...
And massages, they are wonderfull at it !

So go chack the website ( or find their facebook ! they are fantastic !!!

Oct 3, 2013 14:08

My colleague also offers excellent pregnancy massages. See my website

Nov 7, 2013 17:53