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In practice how does the état des lieux happen


Hello, I am very close to signing a contract to rent out my apartment. The lease should start on 1 July, so the time is short. Hence my questions: 1. Can the état des lieux be concluded in one go, or does it take days to produce the final report? 2. How long in advance should it be arranged? Can it happen within 1-2 days? 3. Can you recomend an English speaking expert/company, who/which would do it professionally and for the standard price? Thank you!


Now that I have been through it, here are the answers for those, who are interested:
1. The visit of the expert lasts about two hours. The report will take 1 to 14 days to produce. Beware of French only speaking experts!
2. It can be arranged fairly quickly for the next day for example. After all, you pay for it.
3. I was promised a service in English, but the guy prefered to speak French to my tenent most of the time. So frastrating!

Jun 29, 2023 19:44