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Poster at hit-and-run site says prostitutes would slow drivers down

20:52 16/06/2019

A poster has been placed at the site of a hit-and-run road incident in Schaerbeek, suggesting street prostitution is the way "to slow male drivers down".

A 14-year-old girl on her way to school was seriously injured when she was hit by a car on the corner of Rue Waelhem and Chaussée de Helmet. She remains in hospital but her condition is no longer critical.

A suspect was arrested and charged. Reports say he had already been banned from driving for similar offences and was using a rental car in another person's name.

Within a few days of the incident, an advertising agency placed a poster in a ground-floor window next to the accident scene.

"Here's how to slow down men," the poster says, with an image of women in a red-light district. "Tried and tested on Rue d'Aerschot" - a reference to the Schaerbeek street alongside Brussels North rail station known for its prostitution bars.

"While road safety is a priority in Schaerbeek, it cannot be at the expense of trivialising sexism and rape culture," said Sihame Haddioui, the Schaerbeek town councillor for gender equality.

"If the communication agency responsible for this really wants to support road safety, I'll invite them in on Monday to use their creativity in a respectful way."

Written by The Bulletin



would make me slow down also, i would probably pull the car over to the side of the street, open the door, and vomit

Jun 16, 2019 21:53

"A suspect was arrested and charged. Reports say he had already been banned from driving for similar offences...."
You forgot to mention he was arrested, charged AND released!!!
So even though he is a repeat offender and nearly killed the unfortunate school girl, he is free to get hold of yet another car and continue on his merry way.
I wonder who he knows or who he's related to.

Jun 17, 2019 14:09