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Positive evaluation for Brussels pedestrian zone

02:00 01/03/2016

Eight months after the introduction of the Brussels pedestrian zone and new traffic plan, the initiative has received a mostly positive evaluation, reports De Standaard.

The controversial, eight-month-old pedestrian zone in the city centre is successful overall, according to an evaluation presented today by the City Council. "Despite all the criticism, we can proudly say that the capital has made the final transition to a modern, accessible city with a high quality of life," says Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur. Mobility alderwoman Els Ampe is also pleased with the evaluation: "We have met each and every one of our goals, and the results are better than expected."

The first objective - more pedestrians and cyclists on the central boulevards - was met straight away, and the altered traffic plan for cars did not lead to additional congestion, as some sceptics feared. A report created by an external engineering consultancy and Brussels Mobility shows an overall decline in traffic, and improved circulation across the Brussels-Capital Region.

The evaluation shows more positive effects: taxi use increased by 14% since the introduction of the pedestrian zone, there has been a decrease in litter thanks to the installation of some 80 new bins, and figures from Brussels Environment show that air pollution in the pedestrian zone has dropped by up to 64% compared to eight months ago.  

Written by Robyn Boyle



According to the Brussels papers I've read, the mayor does indeed give his personal pet project a positive evaluation.

Mar 1, 2016 10:03

It's good to read this instead of all the pedestrian zone bashing fossils that litter the news with complaints about having to leave their beloved cars behind for a second.
However, the success of the pedestrian zone isn't really news for us who go there every day. Now, if the cars would only disappear from place Brouckère as well...

Mar 1, 2016 11:25

Am ok with the pedestrian zone. Looking at the photo, why are there tables in the cycle path???? Should the cyclists not be IN the cycle path and the other area for walkers???? Honestly, is there no cohesion and following the rules? Also, if people sit on the tables and put their feet where one should sit, all will be dirty so what is the point?

Mar 1, 2016 16:11