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Pompidou centre Brussels


hi all,

I just saw that the Pompidou centre at the canals in Brussels said it is closed permanently, but confusedly another statement on the site says it is closed for refurbishing, but with no date specified until when.

What is the status? Unfortunately I never got to see it when it was open and I am wondering if it will reopen again and if in what state?

TIA for all answers


'Work is due to start on the project in the autumn of 2019, with the museum due to open in late 2022.

For the 13 months before the work starts a programme of art and architecture exhibitions will be held, allowing the public to experience the site in its "raw state"."

So it was temporarily open before the building work started, will now be completely transformed, and is scheduled to open in late 2022.

Sep 9, 2019 06:34