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Police identify 10-year-old boy filmed driving car

22:05 06/09/2018

A 10-year-old boy who was filmed driving a car through the streets of Uccle has been successfully identified by police - as has his father who encouraged his child to do so.

A YouTube video last month went viral, showing the father putting his child on his lap and letting him steer, while he worked the pedals.

Neither of them are wearing a seatbelt - and at one point the father has a conversation on his mobile phone, leaving the man filming in the back of the car to give directions to the child.

Police have drawn up a list of all the offences committed during the incident - from road offences to putting a minor in danger. The boy and his father have both been identified and questioned.

The Brussels public prosecutor said the results of a report into the child's domestic living conditions was still pending.

Written by The Bulletin