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Hello everyone,

I am using this message board to reach out to persons who are looking for a job or spread the word in case you know someone. Please reply only if you're interested with what follows.

I am the PMO lead and have been assigned by my manager to help recruit one additional full-time person to join our team. I am looking for a junior profile with some experience. You need to be motivated to be in the position for at least 2-3 years.
English is the working language and French and/or Dutch is needed.
You need to have a work permit already. We are an IT company and located in Diegem.

The position is to be part of the project management office (PMO). Involves administration and also follow-up, control and reporting to the management and me.
The human resource department are in the process of publishing this position but I am initiating my search already as I am eventually the one who will work and have an interview with this new person.

If interested, please reply with an email address? More details will then follow and I will probably ask for your CV as a first screening.

Thank you!

From the archives

Is a part time position? If so I am interested.

Aug 30, 2011 14:09