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Please Safe my hair!


I have just moved in to Belgium 2 weeks ago and I have a really bad hair loss so I want to cut it short (treatment will be too expensive for me as I have to do it regularly). Could you please recommend me a good hairdresser who speaks english in Belgium? I live in Hasselt but I really don't mind to travel and pay a bit more expensive because I don't think I can wait until i go back to my home country :S. I know many people say good thing about Laurent from Salon Trendy in Brussel, but I want to know other opinions as well

Thank you! I really appreciate your responses


If really other opinion, than instead of cutting go for Olive oil or any indian hair oil available in alementation shops and use it, no matter where you are, hair oil massage works like wonder.

Just an advice if you prefer long healthy hair

Sep 30, 2012 14:46

Maria's Hair Studio is the place where you could get a hair cut. But I would like to suggest you to go for an oil massage or the cheap hair extensions for your hair instead of a haircut.

Sep 18, 2013 08:15