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Please be Aware of thieves in Brussels Metro's etc


Just a warning rather than a Q&A.
Several friends have recently been robbed in or about various Brussels metro stations, with different objects stolen. The thieves seem to be operating as a team (one person distracting, the other stealing, and mainly on staircases, passageways and other built up areas), so please be aware!!!
At least two robberies have occurred near Schuman metro.

The announcements about pickpockets in stations seems to be more regularly announced of late, so presumably the powers to be are aware!


I have also heard of thieves specifically operating in Schuman metro!
I have one friend that had a purse taken from her handbag and another that had a laptop taken after they slashed the carrying strap while it was around her shoulders. Both of these cases were reported at the station but nothing has come of it.
Schuman metro is an absolute mess at present and has been for over a year

Oct 30, 2014 13:50

Schuman has been a mess for 4 years and another two to go. How disabled people manage I do not know. beware of pickpockets and the "wedding Ring" scam, as well as the seeming passerby asking you first for the time or direction but actually casing you; about 1.55m with backpack, dressed like student type, seemingly going to a "meeting" - today operating around Sq Orban and Sq de Meeus and sq Luxembourg. while asking you he is looking you up and down and in your bag.... Luckily I only had EC documents...

Nov 24, 2014 20:40