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Plastic surgery


lol...not sure If this goes under "beauty" or "health". ok. Plastic surgery in Belgium. I have had a consultation with Dr. Plovier at BE Clinic in Overjise and have scheduled surgery for March. I have another consult with Dr. Berthe at Edith Cavell on Friday and if I like what he has to say more, I can always cancel my BE Clinic appointment. Dr. Plovier seems to have an outstanding reputation in terms of final outcome, but his office seems to have a revolving door for patients from England. The clinic does no immediate post-op recovery - I'm in and out...this isn't a huge deal as I live nearby and would be more comfortable at home anyway, but it leaves me with a "huh" hanging over me a little bit. Experiences, anyone? If you'd rather not discuss in public, please feel free to email me at Many thanks.


"Experiences, anyone? If you'd rather not discuss in public"
Sounds like you'd do better with a consultant psychyatrist,??

Jan 29, 2013 01:20