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Planned anti-Trump protest gains momentum in Brussels

11:10 17/05/2017

The list of participants continues to grow for a large protest in Brussels, planned for the day before US President Donald Trump's visit to Brussels on 25 May. The organisers of the protest hope to attract tens of thousands of participants. "We are not protesting against the person, but against his policies," they say, according to Bruzz.

What began as a Facebook event launched by four University of Ghent students in response to the US President's impending visit, has quickly grown into a full-blown protest march whose participants include the members of various social movements, trade unions and climate organisations.

"We're aiming for some 10,000 participants," says Bakou Mertens, one of the four initiators. The scale of the event makes it expensive. The initiators therefore launched a crowdfunding platform two weeks ago. "We still need to raise €2,700," says the 20-year-old Political Science major from Brussels.

The goal of the demonstration is not only to send a clear message to Belgian politicians, but also to inform the participants about the policy and discourse of the American president and his European counterparts. "Many people worry about Trump, but do not always know why. That is why we plan to have a number of speakers at the event, who can each give their own take on Trump's policies. The environment, sexism, racism and peace will all be addressed. We also want to make it clear that not only Trump presents a threat to social rights, but European leaders are also putting pressure on our social system."

The demonstration, scheduled for 17.00 on 24 May, will make a loop across the city centre with start and finish at Brussels North station, and follow up with concerts and food and drink into the evening hours.

Written by Robyn Boyle



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