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Place Poelaert Ferris wheel in Brussels becomes permanent fixture

Ferris wheel Brussels-Belga
11:25 02/08/2022

The Ferris wheel installed on Place Poelaert will continue to dominate the city skyline for another six years.

Its long-term planning permit has just been issued, confirmed Brussels city business alderman Fabian Maingain. "It's a plus in the tourist offer that brings visitors coming to enjoy the best view of the capital," he said on social media.

The wheel was first set up in the square in 2019 and 2020 during the summer months. It returned last June, albeit for a longer period. Brussels city has long been considering making it a more permanent structure.

It’s hoped that the attraction will direct tourists from the uppertown Louise area to the Sablon and Marolles districts.

Photo: Belga

Written by The Bulletin