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Place du Châtelain to get a new look

Place du Châtelain to get a new look
19:45 28/11/2022

Popular Brussels square, Place du Châtelain in Ixelles, is getting a complete overhaul after the structural stability of the sewers was deemed unsafe, reports RTBF.

The municipality decided to take advantage of the roadworks to completely refurbish the entire site, making it more accommodating and creating an eco-friendly space.

Construction has already started and is expected to finish in summer 2023, although additional work will last another nine months. The project’s budget is estimated at €2,130,000.

After two years of planning, information sessions and discussions with local residents, a public enquiry is currently underway until 23 December.

The square will be divided into three parts, explained Ixelles public works alderman Yannick Piquet. The first part will contain a forest grove surrounded by a deck. The centre will be concreted over in order to accommodate the Wednesday local market and other entertainment. And the third section will consist of a synthetic lawn set between the existing trees.

Although the project aims to improve existing facilities, it does mean the loss of 129 car parking spaces. Most local business owners see this as a major issue. “We’re worried that it will become harder for our customers to park now,” said the owner of an Italian grocery located on the square.

While the decision for parking is set in stone, future mobility plans have yet to be decided, according to alderman Piquet. He explained that since the area was being levelled, anything was possible, including adding a roundabout to improve vehicle circulation. Alternatively, a pedestrian path could create a quieter environment and give locals an opportunity to admire their new square. A future consultation committee is set to address such matters as they don’t interfere with the development plans.

Another concern for locals is the duration of the works. Céline, who runs a clothes shop on the square, said: “I’m really in favour of the direction we’re going in… but on a day-to-day basis, it’s really hard to work while construction is underway.”

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Written by Louis Kernoa-Pascoe



So one more place you're not welcome if coming by car. Indeed the traders and restaurants should be worried. Brussels is making itself increasingly superfluous for the people living outside walking/cycling distance.

Nov 30, 2022 20:26