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Piano Concerto No. 5 (Beethoven, Abdel rahman El Bacha - piano) - Die erste Walpurgisnacht (Mendelssohn, the EU Choir)

Les Choeurs de l'Union européenne
09/12/2023 from 20:00until 09/12/2023 - 20:00
9 Dec
BOZAR / Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
Rue Ravenstein 23
1000  Brussels

The EUROPEAN UNION CHOIR organizes an exceptional concert!

On the program are two masterful works performed with the « Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles »:

In the first part, Beethoven's piano concerto n°5, known as the «Emperor Concerto», conducted by Jacques Vanherenthals and performed by pianist Abdel Rahman El Bacha. 
Since the revelation of his talent at the Queen Elisabeth Competition, which he won unanimously at the age of 19, he has performed in the most prestigious concert halls in Europe and the rest of the world. 
The Emperor Concerto is Beethoven’s last and certainly his mightiest work.

In the second part, the hymn « Hör mein Bitten » for soprano, choir and orchestra followed by the secular Cantata « Die erste Walpurgisnacht » by Mendelssohn, conducted by Dirk De Moor. The text is a poem by Goethe that tells of the efforts of the druids of the Harz Mountains to perform their pagan rituals as a counterweight to the new dominant Christian forces. This mesmerizing work swings us back and forth between belief and superstition.

Soloists : Julie Gebhart, sop. / Cécile Lastchenko, mezzo / Markus Ensthaller, ten. / Matthew Zadow, bar.

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