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I have an iPhone with which I:
- Make a lot of international calls to outside the EU
- Use quite a bit of data
- And the most costly... do a lot of roaming (for data and calls).

The latter I just need to control myself a bit more, but for the first 2 especially, would anyone be able to recommend a good plan that won't require more than 12 month contract? I'm currently with Mobistar, but if anyone knows of a good phone plan I may consider switching... or a good phone plan with Mobistar for that matter.


From the archives

yes! get mobile vikings! I too have an iPhone (unlocked at end of 2-year deutsche telekom contract) and got a sim off them, it is an absolute bargain. it is monthly pre-pay so no contract and you can use skype (quality is a bit variable tho). I have been delighted with them, they are really great.

Careful tho, it may cost you to end your mobistar contract early! make sure

Aug 30, 2011 14:38