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Pet Sitter needed over XMAS


Dear all,

Our normal pet sitter is going out of town this year and cannot watch our dogs. We are also going out of town and need a sitter. We live 1 hour from Brussels and there are 2 option.
Option 1 - You House and dog sit and watch them in our home. You can also stay in our home for the duration provided no parties or illegal activities take place.
Option2 - We bring them to youa nd you pet sit in your own home.

They are indoor dogs, but are allowed lots of access to our garden plus runs and walks everyday. They are crate trained, but we prefer them watched by someone who is home a lot. They are big. One is 35 kilo and the other is 50 kilo. They are well trained, very sweet and great with cats and kids.

Please email me with your rate and proposal for sitting.
Fat rate of 250-350 considered. Dates Dec 21st - Jan 9


A feedback on option 2, your offer of 350 max is too little considering the size of your pets that weight more than humans. If you really care for them then be more generous on your offer!

Oct 24, 2012 17:09