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Pet boarding


We have just moved here from the US. We brought our 2 dogs. We would like to start travelling around but need to find a good pet boarding place. Any suggestions?


If you are moving to the Brussels area then Pento is probably the best out of a rather mediocre offering. None of the kennels we have used here have overwhelmed us with the care and service they offer but avoid La Maison Du Chien at all costs!

Feb 5, 2016 16:57

Many places accept pet dogs as visitors, so you can take your dog with you. Ask in advance, sometimes it is at the discretion of the hotel manager. Less stressful for the dogs.

Feb 6, 2016 12:54
J C Hill

We have used Animal's Home in Grimbergen for years and never had any complaints. As it is just off the ring, easy to drop dogs off on our way to Calais for ferry.

Feb 8, 2016 13:31

Hi illnat welcome to Belgium,. Depending where you live you can get house dog sitters sometimes especially if it's a more rural area people like to get out of the city. I do know people who use small home from home type of boarding but I don't know names ask around at work for recommendations. Pento I believe isn't so fabulous alway. My friend said her dog got sore paws from the products used to cleaned the floors there. Happy travels

Feb 10, 2016 09:49
Loli De Luca

If they are nice dogs I can always petsit...
I live in Mechelen...let me know if you are interested.

Feb 11, 2016 07:38

If your dogs are sterilized and trained, I'd be happy to have them stay at my house. Please send me a message for more information.

May 4, 2017 09:48