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Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a complicated situation: I am in a relationship with a German girl but I currently am locked in Belgium with a temporary resident permit that expires at the end of July. We are engaged and filed to get married in Denmark but their borders only open in September (she can go there but I can't). We will live in Germany after our marriage. Right now, I can't go to Germany and because she is currently working, we can only come see me once in a while.
We are worried that I will get locked outside of EU once I leave to apply for a new Schengen visa because of COVID and the new wave. Since only partners/married couples, diplomats, and health workers are allowed to cross most borders right now, I am looking for opinions and/or solutions. Thanks


You need to keep up with the news. Most borders are open and uncontrolled and have been since last Monday so she can come and see you in Belgium.
However since your temporary residence permit expires at the end of next month you must leave Belgium by then. I don't know what the Danish regulations are but in most EU states being married even to a national (let alone a national of another EU state) grants you little in the way of residential rights unless your spouse earns enough to support you.

Jun 20, 2020 17:46

Why wouldn't you marry in Belgium or Germany? It would be easier for you than going back to your country of origin since you are already residing in Europe

Jun 23, 2020 13:52