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Permanent Residency


Hello Everyone,

I came to Belgium in 2017 for my studies and finished my 1 year program in the university in September 2018. Then I accepted a job offer.
In January 2019 I had the work permit issued and started working. Then I renewed my work permit and the current single permit I have is valid till January 2023.
I got married last year and my wife is British citizen, she moved to Belgium in October 2020, she applied for residence permit (as dependent on me) and she is in the process of waiting. I guess she will get an M card. She is still in the process of searching for a job.

My question is, for me, what is the shortest path for residence permit that would grant me a residence permit that would let me avoid the formalities of Work permit?
Can I apply to it after 4 years of work? (by January 2023 I will have 4 years of work in Belgium)
Is it better (or possible) to change to M card?
Please don't be limited to the above questions, feel free to give me a good advice that would suit my situation.

Thank you.


You're not British, so you won't get an M card.

In 2023, either you get another extention to your work permit and that will take you to the 5 years you need to become Belgian, or your wife is working and you can tag along as a trailing spouse for long enough to become Belgian.

If that's not the case, ask again in late 2022.

Mar 1, 2021 08:57