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permanent residence vs f card



My husband has worked for more than 10 years in belgium and now has permanent residence of Belgium.
Same for me, and I have changed my nationality to Belgian now.
So i want to compare the 2 types of cards to see what advantages each has.
One thing i know if UK travel. So as spouse of EU citizen you dont need a UK visa if you are travelling with your spouse.
Any other advantage?
Also will he has to wait for F+ card for another 5 years? And if somebody can help me compare permanent residence vs F+?


The UK leaves the EU soon and once potential transition periods are over, so will non EU and visa nationals who are dependent on EU nationals exercising EU treaty rights will be treated like all other non EU nationals who need visit visas.

Dependents of Belgian nationals who are non EU and visa nationals do however need visas, as Belgian nationals are not exercising EU treaty rights so the non EU nationals aren't in Belgium either. So eea family permit in your case is still needed now. You can request the visa be waived but need lots of paperwork.

If your spouse has a d card, keep it.

Mar 4, 2019 13:30

You get what you're given under Belgian law. I don't see where the choice comes in.

Mar 7, 2019 01:09
Sial Kashif


hi everybody. i am Belgian citizen and my 3 kids also Belgians. but my wife not b2lgian or eu cotizen sh is non eu citizen but she have F card in blgium. i want know ahe can travel to uk with us aame time. or not.?? please give me advise thanks

Nov 19, 2019 23:17