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Permanent Residence in Belgium for Dependents.


Hi All,

I hold single permit (Card A) and my wife who came here under family re-unification also have card A. we both are in Belgium since 5 years.
I understand that the rules to apply for PR have changed this year and now you need 5 year of local contract to be able to claim permanent residency in Belgium. I have a local contract since 5 years so i am eligible and will do so in coming months. However my wife is only working since last 2 years (Legal stay of 5 years is completed). I have below questions.

1. Does the same rule of 5 year contract applies to my wife's case too for the application of carte B or L/D ? (she holds dependent card A)?

2. If i apply for card L/D and will get it later this year, than how will they renew the dependent card A on my wife when it expires next year (considering i will be no longer a older of card A and will not be in Foreign register) ?