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Pay gap between men and women still more than 10%

11:38 10/12/2013
The wage difference between men and women is holding steady, according to figures released this week by the EU Commission. In Belgium, the average hourly pay for women is 10.2% lower than that for men in the same work. The figures relate to the year 2011, and show a pay gap unchanged from 2010.

The gap in Belgium is narrower than in the EU as a whole, where the difference is 16.2%, also the same as in 2010. Women in Europe are therefore working 59 days in the year for nothing, said Viviane Reding, commissioner for citizenship and fundamental rights.

“We have laws that guarantee equal pay for equal work, equality in the workplace and minimum rights for maternity leave, so that equal treatment of the sexes is a fait accompli,” said Reding (pictured). “But we still have a long way to go to achieve real equality. The pay gap is still large and doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.”

image credit - World Economic Forum/Wikimedia Commons

Written by Alan Hope