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Pascal Smet scraps headscarf ban in Brussels metro shops

20:46 12/06/2017

Brussels mobility minister Pascal Smet will remove the general headscarf ban for staff working in the shops of the Brussels metro and pre-metro stations, he announced to party mate and Brussels MP Fouad Ahidar (SP.A). The shop owners will henceforth be able to determine their own staff dress code policy, writes De Standaard.

Ahidar finds the current legislation discriminatory as it stipulates that "the staff of the shops should always look neat and tidy, and avoid wearing any political or religious symbols,” he explains. He therefore encouraged Smet to lift the ban in favour of a policy that promotes diversity among employees, “as long as it does not compromise the good functioning of the Brussels public transport company STIB.”

Smet agrees, already having raised the issue with the STIB management, reports SP.A Brussels. “Every business owner must have the freedom to determine their own diversity policy. I will therefore ensure that the general headscarf ban is removed from STIB's internal policies.”

Written by Robyn Boyle



If one is allowed to wear a headscarf, then I assume one can wear a cross when working in the shops in the Brussels metro and pre-metro stations. Personally, if the law says one should "avoid wearing any political or religious symbols", then both headscarf and cross should be outlawed.

Jun 13, 2017 09:19