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Party ideas (for grown ups!)


hi! I am in party planning mode and wondered if anyone had hosted a party at home for a bunch of 40 year olds without the usual formula of finger food, wine galore and a few tunes on the Bose speaker. Anything a bit different that you've done or been at guest at that I can pinch as an idea? Happy 2016 all!


How many people are coming?

Well, I am a 40 something and usually we want food, alcohol and music. That's the tried and true formula.

You could:

Host a theme party/dress up in theme costumes
Do karaoke
Provide the drinks and have the guests bring party foods
Do Games

Jan 10, 2016 21:01

Dinners playing mystery games such as the one below, as long as everyone is up for taking their role seriously, are loads of fun

Jan 11, 2016 17:37