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Part-Time Jobs


Hey there!

I have a friend looking for a part-time job in Brussels. He doesn't speak much French but is fluent in Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish.
Anything from call centers to restaurants and bar will be fine, as he just needs something while looking for a job.
Can you recommend any websites or newspapers where to look for such jobs?



"just needs something while looking for a job"
Employers are quite fussy about taking on people who are not overqualified. By definition, the sort of thing your friend is looking for is something that will allow time to jobhunt and that he can leave at short notice. Most employers will see through that, as it would mean going through the trouble and expense of recruitment again within a few months.
And your friend is missing the 2 primary skills for casual work, namely French and Dutch.
However, he might get lucky through an interim agency.

Jun 7, 2012 10:07