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Parliament to discuss third (or no) gender option on ID cards

19:26 09/11/2020

In the course of next year, the federal government will discuss whether to allow Belgian residents to denote their gender with an X on their identity cards – or to scrap the notion of gender altogether.

In 2018, Belgium passed a law allowing transgender people the right to change their gender on their ID without having to prove that a sex reassignment surgery had taken place. Previously this could only be done following full reassignment surgery – which not all trans people want – and a costly court hearing.

Several queer rights organisations filed a complaint with the Council of State because they felt the law did not go far enough in that it required trans people – and everyone else – to identify as male or female. This, they argued, left out people who are intersex – who have variations in sex-determining characteristics – or who are gender neutral.

The court agreed, ruling that the law had to be adapted to include a third option (or more) or to scrap the rule that gender is required at all on birth certificates and ID cards. “It is a sensitive subject ethically, I realise that,” justice minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) told Bruzz. “So the discussion will involve all of parliament. I hope that this discussion can be open and frank.”

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Frank Lee

Why is there our birth date there if the first 6 digits of the National Register show it anyway?

Nov 9, 2020 19:57

Could the ideal solution be to ─ officially ─ note the bearer's percentage of manhood versus the percentage of womanhood on the eID card?
For example: Jo(e) Soap, 91% man / 9% woman.

Nov 11, 2020 04:33

I think it needs to be there - either as full specification (F/F, M/M, F/M, M/F), or M/F/X
My concern is - I would like to be certain when I meet someone, they are capable of giving birth, since I would like to start a family.
Without the marking, or at least confirmed F/F and M/M - one can be fooled into years of expensive pregnancy treatments, to then be murdered, as we had happen recently, the child sold or reported stolen - and the whole country in despair.

Feb 17, 2021 16:54