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Parking on street in Brussels-City more expensive next year

19:21 20/12/2021

Parking on the street within the pentagon – the area of Brussels-City within the inner ring road – is set to become more expensive next year. The higher fees are part of a general reform of parking regulations in the municipality.

The pentagon is currently a green zone, which means that anyone parking on the street pays €1 for the first hour (technically 0.50 for the first half hour and 0.50 for the second half hour). The fee is then €2 for the second hour and €1.50 for each hour after that.

Starting on 1 May, the streets within the pentagon will be in a grey zone, with the first hour costing €2, and €3 for each hour after that. So motorists who park for, say, three hours will pay €8 compared to €4.50 now.

The maximum time that a car can be parked in the grey zone will be 4.5 hours. Anyone parking longer than that will be charged €25 on top of the fee of €11 for the maximum 4.5 hours.

Going underground

The new fees are comparable to what a parking garage costs for similar periods of time. Brussels-City wants people to use underground parking lots in the pentagon, which are often half empty.

“The new regulations will free up public space that we can use to make the city a nicer place for both residents and visitors,” said mobility city councillor Bart Dhondt. “The movement to use other transport options and underground parking garages also allow us to eliminate some street parking.”

The new prices will in fact still be less than other capital cities, such as Paris, which charges €4 for the first hour, and Amsterdam, where motorists pay a whopping €7.5 for the first hour. Even in some parts of Ghent, motorists pay €2.50 for the first hour. Only €1 for the first hour is also unheard of in Antwerp and Bruges.

The new parking regulations, all of which come into force on 1 May, also include areas outside the pentagon. Most of Laeken, for instance, will become a green zone. The area around Bois de la Cambre, which is now free, will also become a green zone.

Neder-Over-Heembeek and Haren, which also have unlimited free parking now, will become blue zones. That means motorists can park for two hours for free with a blue card.


Written by Lisa Bradshaw



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