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parking at Gare du Midi?


I will be taking an early morning hour EUROSTAR train in a few days. Going to Gare du Midi by car seems to be convenient,but as I have never done so in the past I am hereby seeking advice from those who may know.

Anything that I should know (availability of space, safety, price/convenience,..) before parking my car 5 days at Gare du Midi underground car park?

Thank you so much.

From the archives

It can be a bit hard to find a parking spot immediately as a lot of the spots are occupied by rental cars, but the deeper you venture down the easier it becomes

Also, under circumstances enter the garage if you don't have a ticket(and of course don't try to loose the one you get) as the price for a 'lost' ticket is equivalent to 1 months rental or so.

The parking is absolutely fine otherwise, clean and modern and with direct access to the railway station. The neighbourhood can be a bit dodgy, but generally it won't be a problem as you can go directly to the station from the garage

Bon voyage

Aug 22, 2011 17:06