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Parking in a blue zone - during weekend


I have been struglling to find whether it is free to park a car in a blue zone in Brussels throughtout: any weekday from 09:00 pm to 09:00 am and during the weekend - from 09:00 pm Friday to 09:00 am Monday)? Is blue zone available only for people with residence parking or for anyone with a Belgian reg. plate car ? I rely on your expert opinion :-)


Parking regulations are set by commune and can vary from street to street. They can even change from one side of a street to another if it's the commune divide.
So if you can't understand the parking panels, check out the relevant commune website.

Jan 4, 2019 14:45

Laws, rules and regulations regularly change so it is best to ask your local commune or your local police station. Information is also available on this website:

In Belgium parking restrictions are clear. Most on-street parking is chargeable parking, with parking meters on the streets. For long term parking you need to go to the car parks. Blue zones means free parking with your international blue disc for a limited number of hours. This blue disc is available from petrol stations, newsagents and police stations.

Jan 4, 2019 16:25

It is indicated that no blue disk or charges are needed in a blue zone after 9pm and before 9 am, while during the weekend no blue disk is needed in blue zones and parking there is free. Is this true ? I hope this is clearer since the answers only direct to pages where the question I'm asking cannot be answered.

Jan 4, 2019 16:30

> It is indicated that
Well that applies to that particular blue-zone and to no other. Any other blue-zone should also have clear indication as to when the rules apply.
What's unclear about that?

Jan 4, 2019 17:12

ok, but is the rule that during the weekend parking is free in the blue zone is the same for every blue zone ? If not can you specify how to recognize the difference ? Thanks

Jan 4, 2019 19:09

I give up.

Jan 4, 2019 20:48

In Woluwe, to my understanding, the blue zone still applies on a Saturday.. so if you are outside your normal area, look for signs. If you are wondering about a local street and the signs are unclear, ask your commune. Looking to see if all the other cars have their discs out is also a useful clue!

Jan 4, 2019 23:39

Ok here you find the rules
9h -18h including Saturday

Jan 4, 2019 23:52

As some answers say, it is best to check with the commune. Many people receive fines for having parked for free in places that are not free, due to rules that are not understood in their entirety. They then persist in arguing their case (after receiving the fine), before the commune's administration and even up to the Supreme Court! What a waste of time and energy (not to mention money). So, heed the advice given here.

Jan 5, 2019 10:15