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Parental leave


I have 2 children under 12. Does this mean I have 240 days parental leave? If so, can you please tell me if I can take every Wednesday off for one child but concurrently take a month off. Or would I need to take Wednesdays off, then change this status to a month off, then change it back to Wednesdays off after this month


Hi. Parental leave is not count in days but in months. You get 4 months for each child . You can used them one "month" at a time. You can take each month as 100% (i.e. one month) 50% ( two months of working 50%) or 80% ( 4 months of working 80%). You can mix and match, but to the best of my knowledge, you cannot combine them at the same time. I.e. if you take one of the months at 80% (i.e. 4 months with Wednesdays off), you have to wait until these 4 months are complete before you can take one full month off (i.e. 100%).
At the time you make the request for parental leave to your employer, you must have worked for your employer for at least 12 months in the 15 months prior to the request.
You can learn more about it here:

Jan 10, 2019 15:04