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Anyone one know where in Brussels I could buy paneer used in indian cooking ? Thanks

Sally Tipper

I always get mine from here:

Feb 5, 2015 15:38

Yeah, as Sally says. good place.

Feb 5, 2015 16:03

Ch. de Wavre across from the Natural Science Museum. There is also a little one at Bascule across the street from the back/side entrance to the Carrefour.

Feb 5, 2015 16:50

You could always make your own only takes 30 minutes and at least that way you knowwhat is in it:

Feb 5, 2015 17:22

Garam Masala Food Store
225 Chaussee de wavre

Feb 5, 2015 21:57

If you do try to make paneer at home, make sure you get the right kind of milk. 97 % of the milk sold in Belgium is UHT treated which makes it useless for paneer making.

Feb 6, 2015 08:05

Nikki"s kitchen - Home-made & fresh Indian cuisine.
makes & sells fresh paneer & ghee
Home-delivery & takeaway service both are available. Contact :
You can also join the facebook group
for updates

Mar 9, 2016 09:41