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Paint on car window = thief target?


I was near Hamoir on the Saturday and stopped off at Lidi there shortly, when I came back in the very top right (from driving position) of the windscreen it had been painted with a orange paint pen, 4 marks about 3 cm high each, could make out a 3 and a 4.

100% was not there when I took delivery.

Did not correspond to any time I was in the parking, and would not think inspectors would mark a window with a paint pen, had to use petrol to get it off.

I asked a guy at work and he suggested could be a code to steal the car or particular parts off it.

It is a new car if it makes a difference.

Anyone every heard of this?


Three is the mystery, come from the great one, four is the 4th dimension = time which is illusion.

And it's a supermoon tonight.

Lock your car away, and keep the keys safe for the next 24 hours..

Nov 14, 2016 17:09

BMW or a Ford?
Yes, be paranoid. Take it and show it to the police and ask them what to do. And report the vandalism to your insurance company - they will be interested...

Nov 14, 2016 20:27

Why would a thief want one specific car - unless it is something like a Rolls or a Ferrari?
Why would he put paint on the windscreen and warn the owner that something is going on rather than simply noting down the number plate?
And how would he then find the car in order to steal it - or bits off it? Even if he assumes that the owner lives near to where it was seen, it's a hell of a job to find the car again before the paint has been wiped off the windscreen even if the owner doesn't keep it in a garage.
I've no idea what the reason for the paint might be but marking a potential target for theft simply doesn't seem reasonable.
In your situation, and if the car genuinely is new - as in only a couple of weeks old, I would talk to the dealer and see if they have any ideas.

Nov 15, 2016 10:02