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Package deliveries - 14 days quarantine?


Hi, I ordered something from Amazon UK last week which should have been delivered today. However it seems I will not be able to pick it up until 01/04, implying it has undergone some form of quarantine. Has anyone else had this experience?



No. Post offices will be open and deliveries will continue as usual. However, do not forget that since 1st March, postal deliveries are every other day in Belgium, not everyday.

Mar 18, 2020 14:33

The Bpost 2-day a week delivery doesn't apply to parcels which can be delivered everyday. One understands that Amazon (and probably to some extent the delivery services) are overwhelmed with work at the moment.
Try complaining to Amazon (joke!).

Mar 18, 2020 17:12

@Drifter. Check out the BPost website.
The only difference to deliveries from 1 March is that second-class mail and advertising material are now only delivered twice a week. Everything else comes daily as before.

Mar 19, 2020 10:08

Thanks for your answers. It was due to have been delivered a few days ago, but they then changed the delivery date to 01/04. Which made me think it had perhaps been quarantined due to coming from outside of Belgium.

Mar 20, 2020 08:54