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Opportunities to volunteer at orphanage?


I was wondering if there is anyone who knows of opportunities for an English speaker (who is taking french classes) to work with children at an orphanage? I was a teacher for 11 years in Washington DC and would love to get involved with children here in the Brussels community...all ages, shapes, sizes, etc..! I could easily do the school thing, but would like to expand myself and explore something new...


sarah i

Contact they are great and will find you what you want to volunteer with

Nov 30, 2013 17:19

I do not think there are any orphanages in Belgium (or in any developed country, for that matter). Domestic adoption is rare due to low "supply", and the rare cases are adopted as infants. Most adoptive parents in Belgium adopt internationally (as I did). Perhaps ONE (in French) or Kind & Gezin (in Dutch) could point you in the right direction. I do know that foster families are in short supply in Belgium - perhaps you could help out with foster kids waiting to be placed. Google "famille d'accueil" or "pleeggezinnen" for more info.

Dec 2, 2013 06:29

Work with refugees. Sort of opposite problem - keeping kids & parents together. The need is arguably far greater (in Belgium, at least).

Fostering is a good idea if you are /really/ committed.

Dec 3, 2013 00:38