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Only 4% of babies given double surname

10:22 31/07/2014

Nearly 4% of the babies born in Belgium in the last two months received a double surname, reports the VRT, according to figures from the National Register. Since June 1, parents may choose to give their child both of their surnames.

Of the 12,907 babies born in Belgium since June 1, only 510 received a double surname, or just less than 4%. Magda de Meyer, president of the Council of Women, told Radio 1 that it could take a while before people become aware of the new law, although it was never expected that everyone would suddenly jump at the chance to have a double surname. "The point is that the possibility exists," she explained.

The law that makes the double surname possible was inspired by Annemie Turtelboom (Open VLD) and approved at the beginning of this year with the support of Open VLD and the Green party.

Written by Robyn Boyle