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Online white goods


Does anyone have any suggestions about a site like 'appliances direct'?

I would like someting with more choice than, eg, mediamarkt and often will not deliver larger items to Belgium.



I use these guys: I mainly buy tech stuff, so no idea how good they are with white goods, but their delievery and service is great.

It's all in Flemish, but I translate with google.

They're excellent - I ordered a PC two weeks ago at 7.00 pm, it was delivered by 9.30 the next day.

Nov 25, 2015 17:49

Dear Alan,

I used the webshop of - I bought a big freezer last year and I'm very happy with the product, the price and the delivery.

The guy who delivered it also installed it right away.

Hope this helps !

good luck

Nov 25, 2015 18:11

compare and choose the best price :)

Nov 26, 2015 15:49