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One way van rental Brussels to UK



I am looking for a one way van rental from Brussels to Wembley UK. Any idea? I already checked the rental companies like Sixt, Europcar etc.



You will not find anyone who will rent out a left-hand drive vehicle to be left in UK - there is no-one who will then want to hire it over there. In the same way, you cannot rent a vehicle in the UK to be dropped off over here.

Jul 14, 2014 09:57

Try Dockx :
They rent out vans, worldwide.

Jul 14, 2014 17:11

Unlikely that you'll get a one way rental, or if you do, it will cost you a fortune, because even if they will rent it to you, they'll charge you for a driver, and the channel crossing to bring it back.

I did a move a couple of years ago for friends, I took the Eurostar to Ashford in Kent, picked up a van (I think from, although I can't be sure), brought it back to Brussels, and then did the move. Dropped it back in Ashford, took Eurostar back to Brussels. It was a pain, but the local van hire was cheaper than the "international" brands, and effectively covered the extra travel costs.

Jul 14, 2014 17:54
Marky Mark

"Man with a van" might be even cheaper still than all that above.
You can take a look in the adverts in Bulletin magazine or a few guys used to advertise on the board hanging in the English shop in Everberg although I don't know if they are still advertising there...

Jul 15, 2014 08:32

Post your job at and see how much someone will charge. if you are lucky you'll get someone with a truck or van going back empty to UK

Jul 15, 2014 14:52

Whatever you do don't use One Way Van Hire SL ( They have stolen £795 from us.
On the 24th of September I contacted One Way Van Hire SL by telephone, number(+44) 330 001 1195 provided on their website ( I left a message and had a return call from Jonathan Eggett. I asked for a quote on a transit van to pick up in London on the 30th of September and drop off in Malaga on the 5th of October. He said no problem, sent me a quote through and said I could pick the van up from Autorama in Hounslow. We paid him £795 (£495 hire, £300 deposit) by bank transfer to account 16326072 sort code 16-16-23. He confirmed everything by email and said he would send a contract to be signed, it didn’t arrive and so I started to call and email him and did not get any replies to either.
The 30th of September arrived, we had to vacate our flat and arranged return flights from Malaga to London, so quite a bit of planning, costs and stress. Never heard from Jonathan, no van, nothing. So I called the Spanish number on the website (+34) 952 541 147 and spoke with Jeremy Griffiths who said Jonathan and One Way Van Hire SL is nothing to do with him and that Jonathan was an agent for One Way Van Hire SL and no van was booked for me. Jeremy said the bank account was not theirs. He did say he seen my name come in for a request for a van but they didn’t have any vans for me. I told Jeremy I couldn’t get a hold of Jonathan and was expecting a van as I paid him for one. Jeremy suggested maybe Jonathan was trying to find a van from elsewhere as this is something that sometimes happens.
I contacted the police who said if he didn’t deliver the van he was committing fraud, I told Jeremy I been in touch with the police and after speaking with Jeremy I had a call from Jonathan, saying he thought the van was all oganised by Jeremy and that he was taken to hospital for a few days and only just then became aware that no van was available for me. He agreed to refund me all my money (to date 2 November still not happened) and I have not heard from him since. He is ignoring all my calls and emails. Not only has his action and lying cost me £795, he has cost us an additional £1500 as we had to rent a van at the last minute and drive it to Spain and back incurring all the costs, time and stress.
Through my own investigations Jonathan’s company Euro Easy Move Ltd, which he is a director of, has a proposal to be struck off as of 23 September and the annual accounts have not been filed. According to other businesses located at Jonathan’s given business address, 27 Guildhall Street Lincoln, he hasn’t been seen for a while and he has been given notice to vacate the office he has been using. Also, it appears there are a few people he owes money to. He is also registered as a director for Pet Traveller Limited in case anyone has dealings with this company.
After my current experience I would say do not do business with any company calling themselves One Way Van Hire SL (or similar), Euro Easy Move, Pet Traveller or have any dealings with these individuals.
If anyone has been duped by Jonathan/Jeremy or their companies I would urge you to contact the fraud police in the UK on 0300 123 2040, or report it through
I would also urge anyone that has been duped by them to contact the police and report it either by phone on UK number 0300 123 2040 or on-line at and in addition to make a denuncia to the Guardia Civil or Policia Nacional in your area or call 902 102 112 or direct at

Nov 2, 2014 17:02

Hi, I would also recommend checking quote on as an alternative to anyvan that was already mentioned. Often you'd get cheaper offers from transport providers there.

May 22, 2017 16:53

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Sep 21, 2017 11:39