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One-time deep cleaning service?


I’m looking for someone to come to my flat and do a deep cleaning — one-time only rather than a recurring contract (which is why I’m asking here instead of using titres services). I’d need this person or company to come with all their own cleaning supplies. Anyone have a recommendation? I’d prefer someone who speaks at least a little English. Thanks in advance.


Seeing as you haven't had any actual recommendations I'd suggest you use Yellow Pages or go online - there are lots of companies out there and any reputable ones will come and give you an estimate first. Some may even have their sites in English, which at least indicates they're trying to reach an international clientele.
A word of caution: Just be sure before you start why you're getting the job done - if it's because you're leaving a rented flat it might be easier to leave it to your landlord and just pay what he asks. On the two occasions I paid someone to really clean my place before I left it "wasn't up to the standards the landlord expected" so I ended up having to pay twice.

Aug 10, 2018 15:00

i am not working now and it would be good to put hands to a use for cleaning. i work not physically usually but to hardship overcome do little jobs onsite like this one. very neat.

Sep 23, 2019 22:50