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One external lift or two ?


I have witnessed 3 moves with lifts recently. On each occasion the lift driver has been very precise in the position the lift is in - we even had to remove a tree for one move because the lift would have otherwise been a little too far from the window! The lifts moved up and down, no idea how much sideways movement is possible, certainly they move a few centimetres in order to get into the best position, then just up and down after that.
I can't see what your building is like, but if the windows are not directly in line with each other, my guess is you have 2 options : 1) you use 2 lifts or 2) you use 1 lift, you deposit all furniture on the street, move the lift between apartments. Is the 2nd solution really viable though? If you can find a company with 2 lifts at 50 euro per hour, that might be the cheapest and most viable solution.

Jan 30, 2012 09:56