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Olivia and Arthur are Belgium's most popular baby names

14:29 21/07/2020

Emma has lost her title as the most popular Belgian girl's name, after 17 years on top.

She conceded the number one spot to Olivia, who had been a credible challenger for several years, frequently coming second or third.

The latest baby name data from national statistics office Statbel shows 651 new-born Olivias joined the Belgian population register in 2019, compared with 563 Emmas.

Mila came third, with the top 10 completed by Louise, Alice, Lina, Juliette, Anna, Elena and Lucie.

In the boys' competition, Arthur came first for the second year running, followed by Liam, Louis, Noah and Adam.

Completing the top 10 are Jules, Lucas, Victor, Gabriel and Mohamed.

Seeking baby name inspiration? Statbel has an interactive tool showing the popularity of every first name in Belgium that is used at least five times per year.

Among the names chosen for just five baby girls in 2019 were Athena, Divine, Miracle, Jolie, Lovely and Melodie. Five newborn boys last year were named Django, Jazz or Zinnedine.

Written by The Bulletin


Frank Lee

If you have 2 kids, and one is named Arthur and the other one Olivia, you are the most average Belgian family.

Jul 25, 2020 12:40