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Older-type mopeds to be banned in Brussels from 2025

18:00 10/11/2022

Mopeds failing to meet Euro 5 environment standards set by the EU will be banned in Brussels’ Low Emission Zone (LEZ) from 1 January 2025.

But all of this category of light motor vehicles that meet the standards can remain in use until 2028.

Despite mopeds and scooters being a cheap and effective mobility option for getting around the capital, the Brussels region says they are high polluters.

According to figures from the cabinet of environment minister Alain Maron, mopeds and scooters create six times more nitrous oxide and 11 times more carbon monoxide per fuel unit, compared to a diesel car. Their relatively loud engines also contribute to noise pollution in the city.

This ban, however, has some people scratching their heads. What other alternatives are available after the demise of the moped? Why can motorcycles remain in use until 2035?

According to Maron, the use of thermal energy mopeds is being discontinued earlier because low-budget electric scooters present a net zero emission alternative. As there’s no greener alternatives to motorcycles and motor tricycles, they’ve been given a longer shelf life.

Photo: shared electric moped (c) Belga/Jonas Roosens

Written by Louis Kernoa-Pascoe