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Office rent price in Brussels


What are typical office rent prices in Brussels? Especially short term?
How does it compare to private rent? For example, what can I expect for 500/month, 3 month notice?

Primarily thinking of one person/one room, but there can be other arrangements. Besides acces to toilet, I dont need anything else.
Coworking is not interesting.
1030 Schaerbeek


It obviously depends on where you are in Schaerbeek.

"Quartier Brabant" - i.e. Gare du Nord / Rue d'aerschot is pretty awful, so you could probably get a decent sized space, but in a bad area.

Dailly / Plasky or along Blvd Lambermont would be a lot nIcer, and you'd expect to have maybe a 15 - 20m2 office for that price.

Oct 27, 2018 17:25

It is more like the later area.
One thing - there are some billboards at some properties, but when I look at their sites, it is always for very large surface areas.
Who would usually rent out to only one person?

Oct 29, 2018 13:43