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October broke traffic records in Belgium

16:18 14/11/2017

October has broken the Belgian record for the most traffic ever in any one month. It saw more tailbacks in the country than any other month in history.

The news was delivered to Le Soir by auto organisation Touring and smart mobility start-up Be-Mobile. Traffic is considered a tailback if cars are not able to reach 50 km/h.

In Brussels, the evening rush hours are now just as bad as the morning. And, according to the paper, tailbacks in the capital are starting earlier and ending later, so avoiding them is getting more and more difficult.

It’s a phenomenon that is “happening in all large European cities,” a spokesperson from research bureau Transitec told Le Soir. The road network at this point is fully saturated during peak hours and so pushes traffic into earlier and later time periods.

Transitec has no solutions outside of convincing people to take public transport or cycle to work. And that should happen sooner rather than later, the spokesperson said: November is gearing up to beat October’s record.

Photo: Camille Delannois/BELGA

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



Impose a congestion charge inside the inner ring, speeding tickets imposed as it is a joke at present, hatch box at all big intersections so cameras impose tickets on all who block the intersection, trams with cameras at the front who photo cars blocking tracks and
major fine imposed, cyclists have to also obey speed limits, and
complete road works which have
been going in for years but never see any workers—Boitsfort train/Souverain, Reyers tunnel, only company cars for the CEO, trams every 5’, everyone (even those with abonnements or whatever) have to tap their card so absolutely everyone taps to get on tram as now I think am the only one who pays, and get rid of beggars at corners and in streets
and more. Common sense —basically impose the rules already existing.

Nov 15, 2017 10:24