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Obstetrician recommendation Leuven please


Hello, living on the border of Wezembeek Oppem and Tervuren, I am looking for a recommended Obstetrician in Leuven (first choice) or any other area close enough to where we live. Would prefer a Dr that also has his own practice, apart from the hospital, so that I could get appointments quicker if I had a concern. Thanks for any input.


Ring Gasthuisberg - that should be your choice of hospital, and ask them for one or two that fit your criteria.

Or match these 2 lists.

May 22, 2015 00:31

I second J, lived in Leuven 10 years- LOVE UZ Gasthuisburg

May 22, 2015 10:30

Hi Kp, I had very good experiences at St Elizabeth in uccle A few years ago now, but all staff excellent. Lack of French wasn't a problem. We had complex pregnancy and delivery by planned c section. I saw doctor Vanderlinden
She was fantastic. Here if you don't like he first doctor it's really easy to change we did that. We weren't so keen on leaven from a visit.
Also if you're not already a member the BCT is a great source of information
All the best

May 22, 2015 15:45

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

May 27, 2015 18:39