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Notice Period : Employment Contracts Law of 3 July 1978 (wet op de arbeidsovereenkomsten)


Good afternoon.

I am in the process of changing my job. I signed an unlimited contract subject to the "Employment Contracts Law of 3 July 1978 (wet op de arbeidsovereenkomsten)". I am struggling to calculate the notice period and, also, if this one will start from the month after I'll hand in the resignation letter or at the exact moment (Eg. if I give my resignation letter on Monday March 5, will the notice period start from March 6 or from April 1?).

Any help would be very much appreciated!



Ps. I signed the contract on January 15, 2017. My gross annual income is within the range 45000 - 60000

Mar 3, 2018 17:51

When you get HR to sign for your resignation letter, tell them you'll be finishing at the end of the month (31st March).

If they want to argue about it, they will have to tell you "what the law says"

Mar 4, 2018 01:16

If you hand over your resignation letter on Monday March 5th, your notice period will start on Monday March 12th. If you are the one resigning as an employee, your notice period will always start the Monday following the week in which you hand in your resignation.

As for the length of the notice period, there are online tools at your disposal. For example:

Assuming you hand in your resignation today (March 5th): using a seniority of January 15th 2017, as well as a resignation date of March 11th 2018 (the day immediately preceding the start of the notice period), the notice period is 4 weeks and will last from March 12th until April 8th, after which your contract will end.

It's advisable to mention the start and the length of the notice period in your resignation letter to avoid any confusion. Ask your HR to confirm what i've said if you are still having doubts.

Mar 5, 2018 23:21