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Not being registered at municipality for a stay longer than 3 months - EU



I would appreciate if someone could advise me on a migration question.

I am a student, recently arrived in Belgium. I'm an EU citizen and the law requires to register at the municipality within 90 days of arrival.

I currently live in an Airbnb, and my booking will expire in 3 months. I plan to stay in Belgium for another 6 months. The property owner offered me to stay at the flat, however she cannot rent it to me officially, neither she is able provide a justificative of domiciliation.

I am not planning to work nor interested in opening a bank account, however I am worried if any consequences or fines that might arrive in such situation. If I stay at my current residence and I do not open a file at municipality, what might be the fines or other consequences?

Thank you for your advises.


You're a student. No matter what university or higher level education establishment you're at, they will have a Student affairs office of some sort that is set up precisely to assist students in your situation. Go and ask them. It will depend on the type of course you are on, and the commune / region you live in.

Oct 17, 2022 17:16