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Normal salary for legal secretary in Brussels?


I'm being offered 39.000 gross annual salary for a secretarial position at a big firm (English-language office with HQ in the US). The usual benefits are also being offered (lunch vouchers, pension, transport).

I have several years of experience as an admin assistant, and a Bachelor's degree in Poli Sci. The salary being offered is more than I currently earn, but I keep hearing about how fabulously well paid legal secretaries often are. Am I selling myself short if I take this offer as-is?


I am quite out of date regarding salary levels but I would say that your degree is probably irrelevant for this position - it is not normally a requirement for a secretarial position. Also wanted to add a PS that you would see to your previous question: regarding the two half days mentioned - as far as I am aware you are only entitled to these if you have been made redundant - not if you resigned. Of course you would need to check your contract to be sure.

Jun 14, 2012 08:44