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Non eu spouse can travel with Belgian husband to uk wiyh f card



hi everybody. i am Belgian citizen and my 3 kids also Belgians. but my wife not b2lgian or eu cotizen sh is non eu citizen but she have F card in blgium. i want know ahe can travel to uk with us aame time. or not.?? please give me advise thanks


The F Card is proof that your wife has the right to reside in Belgium. It is not a travel document.

Depending on what country she is from, if she wants to travel to the U.K., she will likely have to apply for a visa.

You can check here:

There is a lot of information here:

Nov 23, 2019 15:09

The f card is NOT an article 10 card.

If a visa national, you need an era family permit. It is free.

The only 2 sources to trust are website and EU website.

Nov 24, 2019 16:19

Hello @Shortof, I am travelling in two weeks with my wife (cohabitation) to Londen by Eurostar. I am a Belgian citizen, she is Colombian but has a Belgian F card as family member. However last 48 hours seen and heard everything (from visa obligation to F card with proof of cohabitation/spouse being ok for her to enter UK). I saw you posted on this topic in 2016 as well, then stating that an EEA family permit was not needed. Can I ask if you have heard peoples experiences in Brussel South when embarking on eurostar?
The EEA Family Permit seems free, and online application. However am I correct all documents need to be translated in english by certified translator? Do you have an idea on the process time? We travel in about 12 days. Kind regards, hoping for a reassuring answer.

Nov 26, 2019 16:52

Circumstances above = obligation for eea permit.

You can still insist under EU law to be considered for admission under EU regs. However, you risk missing at least one train or being told your documents are insufficient as onus is on you to prove. No idea how long eea permit takes for issue.

Nov 27, 2019 09:08